About Cellhub

A T-Mobile Primary Agent ( a.k.a., Master Agent)

Our Story

Cellhub was established over 25 years ago to seize opportunities in wireless data communications for resellers of T-Mobile.

We’ve been an exclusive partner of T-Mobile since 1997 – well before they shook up the industry with their no-contract approach and became known as the “Un-Carrier”. We remain an exclusive T-Mobile Master Agent and believe in brand loyalty and the integrity that goes with it!

Our wireless experience allows us to get partners on board quickly, seamlessly, and efficiently. We assist partners in creating operational efficiencies which increase revenue and are designed to allow you to focus and invest in building your business and end-user portfolio.

Our Flagship Programs

We offer more tools, a superior UX, and an API-integrated platform that simply does more than competitors.

The T-Mobile Direct to Business program offers resellers, solution providers, managed service providers (MSPs), VARs, and other wireless resellers the nation’s best 5G network, great service, and incredible value to offer business customers.

The Sell-With program allows you to take advantage of Cellhub and T-Mobile’s support in taking your products to market. 

Sell-With is designed for businesses that bundle T-Mobile’s services with their own products and services.

Our Mission & Culture

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide T-Mobile dealers with the best overall experience through high-quality training, and by supplying the essential tools for success.

Our Culture

Our culture has energy and vibrance that attracts the best and brightest and makes it an enjoyable place to work and be around. Every day we're engaged in building and developing exciting opportunities with our clients and creating new methods and tools to support their business needs.

Cellhub core values!

Our 25+ year relationship with T-Mobile allows us to provide the best sales, operations, and customer support.


Make every customer experience a PERSONAL experience


If you do not directly interact with our customers (Sales), business or POS, then you support someone who does


Leave nothing on the table and everything on the field.


We do what’s right by our customers, our business and our conscience


We believe in team and for us that means coaching up, down, left and right – it’s how we improve!

Wireless Experience

Our management team is made up of passionate wireless experts. We’ve been partnered with T-Mobile for going on thirty years and share their excitement and devotion for wireless innovation.

We’ve been there and done it – and we’re going to put that experience and expertise to work to make your business a success.

When you engage Cellhub as your Master Agent, we’ll put our energy and passion behind your business. We work side-by-side with our resellers to build your book of business and get the most out of T-Mobile.

What are you waiting for?

Cellhub offers the best support, best commissions, best carrier…
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