Operations Support

Become a T-Mobile Authorized Dealer

Frictionless Sign-up

You’ll notice the Cellhub difference from the moment you sign-up. We’ve taken the friction out of becoming an authorized T-Mobile dealer by streamlining the paperwork into a simple digital workflow.

All dealer agreements are handled through DocuSign, making it easy to get agreements in place and manage the paperwork as we advance.

Superior Authorized T-Mobile Dealer Onboarding

Our onboarding team will engage you from the first day you become an authorized T-Mobile dealer to ensure we achieve quick alignment. This starts with joint business plan creation.

Once a business plan is in place, we’ll conduct sales and technical training and get you started on-demand generation.

Collaborative Selling

We’ll help you make initial sales calls – making sure you understand use cases, value-propositions, and features and benefits.

We’ll also introduce you to T-Mobile’s regional team and help you understand how to engage both Cellhub and T-Mobile sales support going forward.

Authorized T-Mobile Dealer Pipeline Development

As your pipeline develops we’ll do bi-weekly reviews, provide coaching and help you keep opportunities moving down the funnel.

Join the Winning Team

Get Superior Support & Earn Premium Commissions

Easy Order Submission

Our operations specialists will train you on using the Reseller Account Management Portal (RAMP), including submitting orders and tracking their progress.

We’ll review orders you enter and rectify any mistakes before they create customer or commission delays.

Stress Free Management

Our API-integrated portal lets you manage all your customer’s request to activate, suspend, SIM swap, change plans, and much more. RAMP includes dashboards to track specific metrics and watchdogs to help you catch and stop overages before they occur.

Commission Reconciliation

Every step of the way we’ll help you understand the value of orders to your dealership, commissions earned, and where they are in the process of getting paid.

You’ll have accurate commission statements before they are due.

Carrier Management

Don’t worry about T-Mobile – they’re already onboard. We’ll make sure the carrier is supporting every step you take.

If you have an issue with T-Mobile we’re here to advocate on your behalf. We’ve been working with the carrier for 25 years and know how to get the best support for our dealers.

Painless Order Fulfillment

There’s no need to worry about inventory. We make sure the hardware is available and gets where it is needed – when you need it.

What are you waiting for?

Cellhub offers the best support, best commissions, best carrier…