T-Mobile Sales Support

We’re with you every step of the way

Collaborative Approach

Our collaborative sales approach is designed to ensure your success. You’ll be assigned a dedicated manager on day one, whose job is to provide the best T-Mobile sales support.

You’ll be assigned a manager located in your region and time zone from our nationwide team.

Dedicated T-Mobile Sales Support

Cellhub channel managers are seasoned wireless experts. They show up prepared to make joint sales calls, consult on opportunities, engage T-Mobile’s support, and help accelerate your sales pipeline.

Wireless Expertise

You’ll quickly learn we’ve been there – done that, and we know what it takes to be successful. 

We’re one of the original T-Mobile Master Agents, and we’ve been working with the carrier for over 25 years.

We know T-Mobile’s business, technology, team, and how they operate. Work with us, and we’ll back you with the most knowledgeable team in the industry.

Exceptional User Experience

Cellhub’s portal makes it easy to submit orders, manage customers (activate, deactivate and suspend), and manage your business.

Cellhub offers the most evolved portal in the industry with a better user experience and more functionality than any other T-Mobile Master Agent.

Join the Winning Team

Get Superior T-Mobile Sales Support & Earn Premium Commissions

Performance Monitoring

We use collaborative monthly business reviews to evaluate key performance metrics, share benchmarks, and discuss opportunities to accelerate performance.

Accelerated Commissions

Making a sale is important – but so is getting paid. We’ll help you submit orders accurately to ensure commissions don’t get delayed.

We’ll work with you to calculate accurate commissions, so you know what to expect before checks are cut.

T-Mobile Sales Support
Financing Options

As revenue accelerates to a fever pitch, or you land your white whale, we’ll be here to support you with the financing necessary to scale your business to meet the demand.

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